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Sweet Valley Return With The Video Game-Inspired ‘Hit & Run’

Sweet Valley, for those unaware, is the collaboration of brothers Joel and Nathan Williams—the latter being the frontman for acclaimed lo-fi indie-rock band, Wavves. The duo have shared their biggest return single yet, Hit & Run.

Hit & Run is a short, sharp and propulsive new single from the production duo—along with a lucid visualiser from Joel. Following the first album’s theme of video games, the track lifts inspiration and samples from retro games of past with one commenter denouncing, “sounds like street fighter 2 music on acid.” He couldn’t be more on point.

The track is lifted from ‘Eternal Champ II’ and its due out April 20th via Nathan’s own Ghost Ramp imprint. The forthcoming release is described as a “conceptual sequel” to Sweet Valley’s LP, 2012’s ‘Eternal Champ’. Inspired by video game music and sample-based beat collage, it features a total of 15 all-new tracks, with titles such as Rip Cord, Stalker, Wet Suit Jinx, and Mutt and Junkyard.

Stream Hit & Run below.

Written by Jake Wilton