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Syrup’s New Single, ‘Sun’ Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face.

Brisbane alt-electro indie dance outfit Syrup have just released their feel good tune, Sun and it’s will certainly brighten your vibe. Sun is one of those tracks that fills you up with goodness. It’s pure sunshine and instantly takes you off to summertime.

Sun is the welcomed return for the Brisbane duo. They first burst onto the scene with their debut single, Something To Wear back in 2019 which was taken form their very well received EP, The Sponge. 2020 saw them comeback with the ultra catchy Line. Sun carries on with that infectious sound that Syrup have come to master. As mentioned it’s pure sunshine and that’s exactly what inspired the writing process.

The idea for Sun came when Spring was handing over to Summer, jumpers were coming off and I was spending every other day in a mates pool. The whole aesthetic of this time bled through into the music I was working on. I’m especially proud of Sun as it is our first foray into self-production and a bold new step in our project.’ Harry, Syrup

Upon the press of the play button you will be smiling. Sun is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro