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Take 5 With 2RU

Narrm (Melbourne, Australia) based Indie Rockers 2RU have just unleashed their new single ‘The Fixer’, which we premiered just last week. Today, Aidan from 2RU shares the five bands, tracks and albums they’ve been vibing recently!

Eggy – With Gusto (album)

One of the quirkiest bands going around, it’s great to see them getting some recognition and being able to take their show on the road.  They mix classic art rock sounds (I detect early Split Enz) with a modern Melbourne indie/punk vibe, and have a fantastic sense of humour that comes across in their songs (which is a severely underappreciated aspect of great music).


Mallard – Mallard (album)

Ollie put me onto this when he was going through a Captain Beefheart phase.  It is Beefheart’s original ‘Magic’ band fleeing from his undernourishment, underpayment and abuse.  It’s a great sounding, tight record that combines country/folk (a la JJ Cale and Crosby, Stills and Nash) as well as some proggier/techflex moments.


Laura Jean

Michelle and I met playing in the band Maya Dreamer, which is the project of Martin Mackerras (who used to play in Laura’s band).  At the time of writing, her new album Amateurs hasn’t come out yet, but the three pre-release tracks that are out now are probably some of her best yet.  Super keen to hear the full thing when it drops.

Louis Cole – Failing in a Cool Way

Louis Cole really is a modern day genius – he’s a great songwriter/producer, has unbelievable chops and is funny as fuck.   The innate desire to compare oneself to others in any professional field is a vicious cycle of emotions, and a constant re-calibration of standards that is somewhat unfortunately necessary for growth.  This track perfectly sums up the inner monologue of my imposter syndrome.

Beyonce – THIQUE

Gets me hot under the collar like nothing else.

2RU’s new single, The Fixer is available now, everywhere

Written by John Zebra