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Take 5 With Arig

Sydney-based soul artist, Arig recently revealed her striking new single, Pop Off. A commanding tune that pays homage to a classic era of soul-rnb, smooth basslines, slapping stabs and Arig’s seductive vocal delivery truly make this one pop (off). To celebrate the new single, Arig has shared with us her five favourite artists and tracks.

Mary J. Blige – ‘Amazing’ | YouTube
I love this song especially when I need a pick me up, or I’m feeling sluggish and need to put in work.  I love the in-your-face confidence while Mary is just rattling off her accomplishments! She’s a fellow Capricorn so there is big love for Mary.  I also have this “thing” where I am learning to celebrate my achievements, and this song is a perfect reminder for me to celebrate and feel good.

Fuji Kaze – ‘Working Hard’ | YouTube
I want to start by saying: thank you Fuji Kaze for acknowledging the hard work that I am putting in at the moment, haha. I love the piano, the R&B flair and the feel-good vibes about working hard. Although 60% of the lyrics are in Japanese, I looked them up and this song has a really spiritual tone.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Silent Hill’ ft. Kodak Black | YouTube
Honestly, this song is the perfect example of “Leave me the F^%K alone, I am busy.” I love that it is an honest depiction of feeling stressed and not wanting to be bothered with people’s issues that don’t actually help. Not just other people but issues within your own life as well.

Russ – ‘Do It Myself’ | YouTube
This song is a self-confidence booster, I love it. When the world tells you “NO”. This track reminds me to “DO IT MYSELF.” in my humble opinion, the mix is a little undercooked, and that’s what I love about it. It’s about the work, and the drive, and the confidence.

Alicia Keys – ‘Best Of Me (Unlocked)’ | YouTube
This song is dreamy and smooth, and one that I have had on repeat while I’ve been revisiting this album, ‘KEYS’. It’s like a mysterious love song. I love the hip-hop sample and of course, Alicia’s vocals are always so soothing which in turn is soothing and comforting. 

Arig’s new single, Pop Off is available now, everywhere while her new EP is available early 2024.

Written by John Zebra