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Take 5 With Arlo Boe

Australian pop sensation, Arlo Boe recently revealed her brand new single, Eclipsed super catchy tune that touches on the those people who enter our lives who carry many fun attributes but just aren’t our forever people. Today we threw Arlo control of the player to find out her biggest musical inspirations and why.

Dua Lipa
I think this probably goes without saying as my sound is often compared to Miss Dua Lipa. I just LOVE her aesthetic and her sound. Her music just has the ability to hypnotise you, it has this funky 70’s disco thing going which is something I really try to capture in my music. I just find her as an artist really endearing, she is so compelling musically and on a human level.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga completely changed the game for me. I remember the infamous Paparazzi performance at the VMA’s and thinking WOW. That was a damn performance. And I was only like 10! Just having the ability to completely commit and indulge her artistry the way she did was so incredibly inspiring. Plus she was my age now when she did that, which I think about daily. I think her performance ability and commitment is one of the most important parts of modern pop culture and she is so fabulous – as is her music.

Taylor Swift
Another pop icon; Taylor Swift. She was the artist that really made me want to pursue this career. The Fearlesstour special was life-changing and I will never forget how I felt watching her connect with so many people at once. She was and continues to entertain and heal so many people through her music and will forever be inspired and obsessed with her. The reputation and the 1989 albums really made me understand what sort of impact I wanted my music to have on people. Dramatic and bold but relatable and deeply touching.

Harry Styles
When Harry broke out and went solo I really fell in love with his sound; his writing in particular revolutionised my work. His writing style is AMAZING, it’s sexy and abrupt, and borders between brutal honesty and romantic poetry. I admire how his melodies often align with the lyrics and themes he is exploring. One of the best examples is in the song She. The record’s vibe is this harrowing spiral of someone almost in limbo and the main lyrical rhyme is on an ‘e’ sound; the sound of crying or a ringing in an ear, VERY clever.

I have a particular fondness for Freddie Mercury. I remember my dad showing me performances as a kid and his ability to own a crowd was just phenomenal. I’ve never seen anyone work an audience like that or connect with so many people at once. He was a really incredible artist. I also love how iconic their music is, it has stood the test of time and remains classic and relevant today.


Arlo Boe’s dynamic new single, Eclipsed is available now, everywhere.



Written by John Zebra