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Take 5 With BIILMANN

BIILMANN kicked off 2020 with the release of their powerful debut single ‘Bad Man // Good Intentions’. They then unleashed their brilliant debut EP ‘Sink Like A Stone’ which the title track featured ARIA nominated hip hop maestro Citizen Kay. We recently bought up with the Canberrans to find out who their favourite artists are. Each band member took turns in name artists they love and why.


Jack (Vocals, Guitar) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I am so into these guys at the moment! I really dig the variety of sounds they have used for their records over the years and have total respect for the band from how they write their music. Every album has distinctly different flavours going on but the one thing that remains constant is that they are total badasses. I love the song themes, riffs and production. They just nail all of it! Because I have my solo career + this rock band, I totally understand the desire and need to always be searching for new and exciting sounds and musical ideas to maintain passion and further develop.


Pat (Guitar) Bad Dreems

What’s not to love. Lots of guitar, fast paced and Australian accents. I think the guitar is what draws me in. The riffs are so catchy and you can’t get them out of your head.  Same with the lyrics. I’m absolutely shocking at remembering lyrics but they write such clever lyrics I end up singing them for weeks. Every album has a unique flavour, but you definitely know your listening to Bad Dreems.  It’s also just great that this sound is what Australian music is all about at the moment: real instruments played real fast and real loud!


Joe (drums) Parkway Drive

As a young bloke learning the drums, listening to these guys quickly made me focus on the heavy stuff. The sheer aggression in which the music is played gets my juices flowing at a rapid rate. I’ve seen these lads play live a number of times and each time, I leave with more and more enthusiasm to be a better musician. And getting the chance to meet my drumming idol, Ben Gordon, at his cafe in Byron Bay while on a trip up north was unreal.



Jack (again) Silverchair

This band got me hooked on music when I was 8 years old. As I have gotten older, it continues to blow my mind when I listen to the frogstomp album and cannot fathom the talent they had at such a young age. I can’t think of another band even close who could do what they could at 14. As they grew older their sound gradually changed but I still love every Silverchair record that has been released which I have appreciated more and more as I have gotten older. Daniel Johns is a musical genius in every sense of the word and I hope he keeps creating music for the next couple of decades. I am very doubtful about it happening, but I really hope to see silverchair reunite for some shows at some point. ITS TIME!

Todd (Bass) Deafheaven 

These guys crush. They combine metal, post-rock, post-punk, shoegaze and indie influences to create dense, lush and epic tracks.

Every album brings a different vibe while still maintaining their core sound and I can always chuck one on depending on the mood I’m after.

I got to catch them live (remember when we could go to shows?) when they toured last year and they blew me away. It was a no frills, high energy performance that showcased their musicianship and also their back catalogue perfectly. No easy feat when each song averages 10mins!

Checkout Dream House from their Sunbather album and also Canary Yellow from their latest, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. These 2 tracks encapsulates everything I love about the band.


Sink Like A Stone is available now everywhere.


Written by John Zebra