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Take 5 With Bleak Mystique


We caught up with American band Bleak Mystique to chat about their favourite tracks right now, following the release of their second EP ‘Pageantry, Vol. 2’.

The Colorado-based three-piece consisting of frontman Sam, drummer Hayden, and bassist Aidan, creates rousing music fitting somewhere between Rock and Indie Punk. Their latest offering ‘Pageantry, Vol. 2’, is a four-track EP that neatly shows off their talent, and is self-produced and released by the band. These three boys bring a youthful flair to classic rock and are becoming known in their local scene for putting on captivating, high energy sets. Since starting their live performances in June this year, they’ve been cutting their teeth gigging at much-loved local venues and made their debut at Denver’s Underground Music Showcase.

Wanting to learn more about what makes these guys tick, we asked for their top five tracks of the moment- check them out below!

Milk It – Nirvana

This is kind of a lesser-known Nirvana track- if such a thing exists. The entire song is just so powerful and heavy. A rock band can only hope to write something half as badass.

Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

This song has such a powerful guitar riff and signature drumming from Bonham.

Don’t Stop – Foster The People

Probably the perfect midpoint between pop and rock. Just such a fun and catchy song. It feels like Mark Foster got everything right when writing this one.

Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays

Somehow this track seems to universally convey nostalgia, which is amazing to us because none of us have been in the situation Molly Rankin is singing about. It’s just such sincere emotion in the song that I guess we all just relate to it.

Long Road To Ruin – Foo Fighters

This song is from the midpoint of the Foo Fighters long career. It seems to perfectly sum up the songwriting prowess of Dave Grohl in his prime. The chord progressions build perfectly, from the first notes strummed on the guitar you can tell Grohl knew exactly where he wanted this song to go, and he takes you there.


Top off that awesome line-up with Bleak Mystique’s new EP for the ultimate listening experience!

Written by Alice Powell