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Take 5 With Dream Dali

Brisbane/Meanjin’s darkwave psychedelic outfit Dream Dali have delivered their sincere-sounding debut album, ‘Letters From The Light’. Featuring the previously well received released singles, Rosary, Wicked Sunday and Wandering, the album is a sonic journey from start to finish. To celebrate the release, Dream Dali have shared with us their 5 favourite tunes and why.


Radiohead – All I Need

Radiohead have many outstanding tracks. I decided to share this one as I feel its gem and a perfect song. It hits an emotional essence that captures that feeling of want and desire with a slight melancholy sadness.

Neu! – Hallogallo

A perfect song to drive to. New! Are a huge influence on Dream Dali, and this song is a trance that hypnotises you.


Beck – The Information

Many great songs by Beck, but again I wanted to share a gem. Lots of groove with dreamy/floaty melodies that feel like you’ve been picked up by a giant spirit animal into the skies to see the world.

Bjork – Undo

“Undo” is a deeply cathartic song for me. It is so vulnerable, genuine and deep that it unlocks a fragile door in myself.

Sonic Youth – Diamond Sea

A masterpiece of noise rock and melodies. Sonic Youth at their finest in making guitars create landscapes and cinematic sounds that will illicit much imagery. Another great one to drive to in nature.

Dream Dali’s brand new album, Letters From The Light is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro