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Take 5 With Duncan Spencer

We caught up with UK singer-songwriter Duncan Spencer after the release of his latest track ‘Serafina’ to hear the songs he’s been listening to lately.

Growing up in a house with a room dedicated to a 3000-strong record collection, it’s no wonder Duncan ended up flourishing in the music industry. After years of gigging in bands around Europe, he stepped out on his own in 2019 and released a number of singles, the latest being ‘Serafina’- the story of a rowdy night out in London. While shuffling through the records in his childhood home, Duncan found a love for the greats like Bruce Springsteen, Jim Morrison and Tom Waits, influences that are reflected in his music today.

Read below to catch the tracks playing through Duncan’s speakers at the moment!

‘Angel of 8th Avenue’ by Gang of Youths

I’ve been a big fan of Gang of Youths since the release of their fantastic album “Go Farther in Lightness”. The Angel of 8th Avenue has an unashamedly uplifting vibrancy to it that I think is seldom found in rock n roll nowadays. It really has that Bruce Springsteen feel to it.

Like Springsteen, they have the knack of finding the perfect balance between stadium rock anthems and intricate storytelling.

‘Peter O’Tooles Drinking Stories’ by David Keenan

I could have chosen any David Keenan song really. Ever since I became aware of him a few years ago, I’ve been enchanted by his songwriting. Simply put he is a master wordsmith and storyteller.

‘How Dare You Want More’ by Bleachers

As you could maybe tell from the above comments, I’m a massive Springsteen fan and this new track from Bleachers is sonically reminiscent of the early Springsteen albums I absolutely love. From the raucous gang vocals through to the guitar and saxophone call and response middle 8, this is Jack Antonoff and Bleachers at their best.

‘Like I Used To ‘ by Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen

I’ve always found Sharon Van Etten’s voice enchanting and both her and Angel Olsen sound stunning on this track. It’s a hauntingly beautiful track.

‘Time’ by David Ramirez

This isn’t a new release but it’s one of those rare holy grail songs that I never ever get tired of listening to. It really doesn’t matter what mood I’m in, or what time of day. Is there such thing as a perfect song? Well, this gets pretty close to it for me.

Be sure to check out Duncan Spencer’s new single ‘Serafina’, out now!

Written by Alice Powell