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Take 5 With Ezrae

We caught up with UK indie-pop songstress Ezrae off the back of her debut release ‘My Oh My’.

Eve Sheldon (AKA Ezrae) has been making music in her bedroom since she was 8 years old, developing her sound and culminating a love for alternative indie music. Sonically, ‘My Oh My’ is heavily inspired by The 1975 and beebadoobee, and Ezrae explains she created it with a focus on female empowerment. Eve wrote the lyrics, melodies and chords for the track and then recorded it at The Song Lab in Birmingham where it was produced and mixed by Jonny Amos.

To get the scoop on more of Ezrae’s influences we got her to drop her five favourite songs, check them out below!

Woman by Diana Gordon
I recently discovered this song and I’m obsessed with the girl power message behind it. As well as the catchy melodies and truthful lyrics the energy this song gives me in the morning is incomparable and that’s why it’s my current fave.

Oh Mami by Chase Atlantic
Chase Atlantic are my favourite band of all time so this list wouldn’t be complete without their latest single. I love everything about their music and including their dark themes with the lyrics which inspired me to start writing about similar topics even if I haven’t experienced them myself. Their style really opened my eyes about storytelling thanks to songs such as ‘Cassie’ and ‘Heaven and Back’ which would have made my top 5 tracks of the moment but I think I should mention some other artists I’m loving at the moment too.

Harry by Kelsey Carter
I’m a huge Harry Styles fan so when I heard about this song I knew I’d relate to it straight away. Apart from it being written about my biggest idol it also fits in with some of my favourite genres at the moment (pop rock and alt indie). And what makes it ten times better is I get to dance around my room listening to this song in the morning whilst my 6ft cardboard cutout of Harry Styles sits in the corner of my room watching me. Bit creepy yes but I’m a fan girl what can I say.

Run by Joji
When this album came out last year I started balling my eyes out on the bus to this song. I love the emotion in it and Joji has never made a bad song. This is my all-time favourite shower tune because of its deep emotions and complex lyrics which took me a while to digest.

21st Century Liability by Yungblud
My favourite Yungblud song of all time had to make my top 5 list of course. Yungblud is one of my main inspirations and is one of the reasons I got into pop-punk music too. His lyrics challenge problems in society and he constantly speaks his mind authentically which I think is so important for artists these days. I love the effects in this song as well as when he performs it live and the whole crowd is just one massive mosh pit.

Listen to ‘My Oh My’, out everywhere now!

Written by Alice Powell