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Take 5 With Fancy Face

Melbourne indie rockers Fancy Face have released some killer tunes this year. They boosted out of nowhere with their debut single Slip Up and followed swiftly with the killer tune Just You Wait in May. They have been quickly capturing the eye of tastemakers all over the nation and we thought we’d get to know them a little better by finding out who they’re listening to. We handed it over to drummer Alex who gave us his favourite 5 local artists from Australia.

Ocean alley – Hot Chicken

This band has taken the inspiration of smooth rock from the 70’s and put their modern twist on it. I’m really digging this new track. It’s a faster one from these guys to, as they usually steer towards a slower BPM



Sampa the Great – Final Form

Holy shit. What a banger. I love what this woman is about. Her heritage, stage presence, the fashion, costumes and of course the music. Seeing her perform live with her band and live dancers is truly a theatrical experience. I had the pleasure of seeing her live at Golden Plains festival before the apocalypse commenced.

I will never forget it


SIA – The Girl You Lost to Cocaine

Local girl turned world superstar and high in demand songwriter. SIA is the quirkiest person. For someone so successful and sought after she would have to be one of the most humble musicians in the industry. After purchasing a mansion she tagged herself a “wanker”. Makes me love her even more. This song portrays how she can produce a pop banger. Infectiously catchy


Rowland S Howard – Dead Radio

The late Rowland produced one of the best Australian masterpieces in music history – ‘Teenage Snuff Film’ This album was his first and best after he broke away from his multiple projects – the birthday party, crime and city solution and these immortal souls. This song exemplifies the dark yet beautiful outlook that rowland had on the world. For all those guitarists nerds out there this is your sonic pleasure. Primal Scream and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are just a couple of acts that boast how much of an influence Rowland was on them.


The Presets – Girl and the Sea

Released over a decade ago, there is a reason these guys have been playing for almost 2 decades. The tempo of this song just makes me want to bop my head and dance.


Fancy Face – Just You Wait is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra