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Take 5 With Fletcher Gull

Australian wunderkind Fletcher Gull has returned recently with his cinematic marvel ‘City Is Busy’. We recently threw the aux cord over to Fletch to find out who he’s digging at the moment.

Erik Satie’s Gymnopédies

Erik Satie has been taking over my life’s soundtrack recently. The magic of it is so delicate, I’m scared talking about it might scare it away. It’s painfully simple but every note is so god damn potent and crucial like the pages in books constituting a chronology. If you tore one out the whole story would be disrupted. Simplicity is a brutally heavy thing to wield, the Gymnopédies are modicums of timeless beauty, imo.


Golden Days by Whitney

Hardly ever listened to whitney until just the other day. This song gets me man. I drove down the coast from Moruya to East Gippsland and it was the goldenest day you could imagine. This song consequently came on my spotify radio and that was just fly with me. Sometimes the world is so bloody beautiful you’re forced to be ecstatic.



Gretel by Alex G

When I listen to music, it’s safe to say I’m searching for something. Something specific but undefined, rare and illusive and the existence of which is doubtful. Like people who travel the earth searching for their soulmate… This time I found it.


Clouding by four tet

The dude is a maniac, what else can I say. Dunno how this album slipped me for so many years but I swear there’s always some new four tet album out there in the ether waiting to throw a wrecking ball at what you thought music was.


Won’t Bite by Doja Cat

Gotta hand it do Doja Cat, I think she’s the best pop artist out there recently. She consistently does the thing in my brain that makes me feel funny and need to press repeat. Not sure why or even if I like it, like most pop music, but fugen hell I can’t get it out of my head. She should have to pay for my lobotomy.


Fletcher Gull’s new single, City Is Busy is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro