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Take 5 With Foemen

Newcastle based Indie Electronic artist Foemen has recently released his new single and video Bones. The single has been receiving some massive online love from some of the countries major tastemakers. We thought we’d hand it over to Foemen to fill us in on some of the artists he’s digging at the moment.



Two bands that continue to stand out to me as major influences, even from a young age are ‘New Order’ & ‘Interpol’. Droves new Track “Cannibals” is this influence fused together. I have this track in my Exercising playlist & every time it comes on it reminds me I why I love music.

Also their live show is killer! Packed with energy.


Vast Hill

Foemen & Vast Hill shared a bill a couple of years back, as I remember we were both support acts. At the time i wasn’t familiar with there music or even their sound.

Since watching their set that night up until current I have been super impressed with how they manage to create a nostalgic synth wave vibe but have such catchy hooks & melodies on top.

I always keep an eye on their stylish socials.


The Weeknd 

I have a great love for pop music, but I have an even greater love for dark pop music. The Weeknd’s new album & especially tracks with Gesaffelstein are just the perfect thing for me to hear.

He has been a major influence when writing & recording over the past year.


Orville Peck

I love the fact of music being more than just the sound or song to listen to but a character is developed to go along with it.

Orville Peck was only introduced to me recently but has really influenced the me. I have been toying with costuming etc already but he has really given me motivation after seeing his videos.


The Midnight

Was lucky enough to catch The Midnight on a recent trip to Vancouver, boy did they make me feel like I had gone back in time to the 80s.

Every song was just so perfectly constructed to set the scene of being in a part of epic soundtrack. I was mesmerised! Felt like I was watching ‘Drive’ for the first time again. When you look at their YouTube clips they are all 80s inspired movies with The Midnight playing along in the background. Synthwave is such an underground amazing genre of music that is growing & growing.


Foemen’s new single Bones is available now everywhere.



Written by John Zebra