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Take 5 With Friendless

Following on from his widely acclaimed single ‘Robots‘, Sydney-based artist Friendless has teamed up with fellow producer Stereo Jones for his flourishing new single ‘Bomp’ – produced by the musicians themselves. We handed the mic over to the Sydney-sider to to find out who he listens to when not producing super fun indie jams.


Mac Miller Complicated

I’ve always loved Mac and his passing hit me really fu*king hard. This posthumous body of work is so special and this track in particular gets me right in the feels.


Frank Ocean & Earl SweatshirtSuper Rich Kids

I know this song is quite old, but I just keep coming back to it. Sonically and melodically, it’s so fu*king beautiful. I love it!



When I first heard this song, I was riding my motorbike and had to pull over as it reduced me to tears. I have listened to it at least 87,000,000 times now. When it comes to break up songs, this is perfection.


Chemical BrothersWe’ve Got To Try

Not much to say about this except it is just a brilliant piece of electronica. It’s insane. It makes me so happy when I hear it.


AJ TraceyElastic

This track fu*king bangs. I’m such a huge fan of UK Rap and this is one of my favourite tunes to ride to. It just makes you want to go fast as fu*k (within the confines of the law of course).



Written by Chris Lamaro