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Take 5 With Future Static

One of Australia’s most talked about breakthrough acts, Naarm/Melbourne-based alternative heavy outfit Future Static have returned with their potent new single Venenosa. In celebration of the new single and to get to know the band a little better, they’ve shared with us 5 of their all-time favourite music.

Sleep Token – This Place Will Become Your Tomb

This album has been heavily influential in the way I have been writing songs/vocals lately, although it probably doesn’t show too much in our new single Venenosa. I have used these albums for the past 3 years as my migraine/sleep albums. They lull me into a world of dreams and stop my mind from tuning into its own vicious cycle of unnerving thoughts.

While She Sleeps – YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED

The soaring lead guitar and snappy vocals in this song have been the reason I can get up on stage (or do anything at all really) without even a hint of fear or doubt. Obsessed with its confidence-inducing energy, I have thrashed this song in the last couple months.


Lady Gaga – ARTPOP

What I love about this album (the songs Aura, Venus, Applause and G.U.Y. in particular) is that they have a strong stance on what it means to have a feminine artistic and performative power. All the songs are quite heavy in their electronic production and, if you listen with a bit of musical imagination, they could very easily be translated to a guitar-based/metalcore version. 


Time, The Valuator – Black Water

This new banging single, although a little hard to follow when you first hear it, catches you with their usual spacey, synth-driven major-chord progressions mixed with a long-awaited heaviness and a fiery breakdown. I’d say the feeling of Venenosa is heavily influenced by songs like this: happy and angry at the same time.


Spiritbox – Eternal Blue

Finally, this album has provided that much needed feminine influence. Listening to this album helped me feel confident enough to be myself and to find my own feminine voice in harsh and clean vocals. Whenever I need a little reminder of how sounding different isn’t a bad thing, I chuck her on and indulge in the wonders of Courtney LaPlante’s life-changing vocals.


(Honourable mention) Arcane Roots – Melancholia Hymns

This album has a similar effect on me as the first one, except, it only gets played when I am in a very dark place, and I need to have a massive meltdown. When I need to be reminded of how these dark feelings are nothing to be afraid of but are there to teach me something important about myself; past, present or future.


Future Static’s hard-hitting new single, Venenosa is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra