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Take 5 With FVNERAL

Eora/Sydney-based indie-rock group FVNERAL have expanded their sentimental catalogue with the arrival of their reflective new cut FROZEN LASAGNE‘ – co-produced by band member Tim Blunt (Stand AtlanticBirds of Tokyo), and Phan Sjarif (Middle KidsCry ClubVelvet Trip), who also mixed the song. Today the pair share with us their 5 favourite artists of the minute and why.

Mitski – Bury Me At Makeout Creek 


I probably  never go more than a month or so without listening to this album, anyway, but I do remember being on one of my regular big Mitski trips when we started demo-ing what eventually became FROZEN LASAGNE. I love how Mitski – especially the older stuff – manages to thread a needle so precisely and move from something very fragile and delicate to something completely chaotic and angsty. That’s something we wanted to reference sonically and lyrically in this new song.

Boygenius – The Record


I think the reason I got into music in the first place was through artists that I so badly wanted to be, and bands I so badly wanted to be in. There aren’t that many moments when that happens, even as a kid, but it feels like it happens even less as an adult, and I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever felt the urge to be in someone else’s band so much as I want to be the 4th member Boygenius. This album is perfect.

Being Funny In A Foreign Language – 


Big surprise for everyone – I’ve always adored The 1975. I can never really make sense of how they manage to craft these earworms – in the truest sense of the word – that hold so much emotional complexity, moving from dark and brooding to fun and funny, and everything in between. There’s something different about this album, largely in how full-frontal the earnest reflections on spending your life traveling the world with your chosen family. Also, big bops.

Ruston Kelly – The Weakness


The idea of guilty pleasures never sat well with me, mostly because it’s used to deride the listening habits and fandom of young women and girls, queer people, and people of colour. However, the only listening habit of mine that I think about in these terms is my love for pop-country – and perhaps it really is a guilty pleasure because of how overtly country music continues to exclude these very groups of people. Ruston Kelly is what gives me a glimmer of hope that things can change. The Weakness is a perfect emo-country hybrid. Think Death Cab meets Brandi Carlilse. The songwriting is so raw, sensitive, gentle, and yearning to be yelled back at him during a show. Genius.



Before I was out, queer music and queer bands were one of the only spaces I felt truly safe, and MUNA have been one of the safest over the years. I distinctly remember the day this most recent album came out at the end of June last year. Ally and I were in LA working on a batch of new songs, and we were driving through Laurel Canyon listening to it so loud. I fell in love with it straight away. This band and the beautiful people in it are so special to me and to so many queer people around the world. I don’t think anyone can tell such vivid stories about finding joy and hope in healing. Best band in the world and I will hear nothing else on the matter.

Written by John Zebra