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Take 5 With Goodthankyou

When Melbourne artist, Goodthankyou aka Jason John Leigh isn’t fronting cult party starters, The Stiffy’s, he busy in a storage unit, writing, recording and mixing toe-tapping indie jams. He recently revealed his debut album, The Kennards Sessions and to celebrate the release today, Jason has shared with us 5 of his favourite tracks of the minute and why.

‘Yeah, Coach’ – Totally Unicorn.

I’m back in a big Totally Unicorn phase after seeing a few of their shows recently. Mama mia, they are such a good band. Proper brutal boys. There’s nothing better than being in a sweaty venue after six to eight beers and they get to this song, it shakes the whole room. I’ve got this and ‘Fri(ends)’ on high rotation at the moment.

‘King B’ – DZ Deathrays.

Same situation. Seen a few of their shows recently and bloody hell they’re the best. I fell in love with them late, when Black Rat came out, and they changed my whole understanding of what guitars can do. Their new record is great. They never let me down.

‘Second Coming’ – Lil Dicky

Holy moly. Producers have really figured out bass these days hey. Whole new depths of bass. Brutal chest punching bass, you can almost hear the speaker cones ripping. Last time I heard bass this good was ‘Cash In, Cash Out’ by Tyler the Creator and Pharrell and I listened to it on loop for an entire month. Couldn’t listen to anything else.

‘Like a Feather’ – Nikka Costa

I signed up to this BBC maestro class with Mark Ronson and he talks you through the making of this song and boy oh boy it really slaps doesn’t it. That beat just grabs my head and throws it back and forth on the train, without me even realising what’s happening. Nikki Costa is great.

‘Going On A Picnic’ – Raffi

I’ve become obsessed with this guy who sings kids’ songs. His voice is so fucking sad and vulnerable that it rips my heart out my chest. He’s singing these upbeat kids’ songs about picnics and fruit but it honestly sounds like he’s on his way to drive off a cliff. It’s a heady combo.

GOODTHANKYOU’s new album, The Kennards Sessions is available now everywhere.

Written by John Zebra