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Take 5 With GRAE

Toronto-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist GRAE has just shared her new single ‘Forget You’, which is lifted off her debut LP ‘Whiplash,’ out Friday, April 15th. The sentimental new effort was produced by her long-time collaborator Connor Seidel and co-written with Willa Milner. To celebrate the release and to get to know GRAE a little better, she has shared with us her favourite 5 tracks from The Cure!

Just Like Heaven

The first Cure song I ever heard was ‘Just Like Heaven’. I was in the living room, and my dad had the 80’s radio channel playing on the TV. The moment this song came on, I felt electricity running through my body. It made me feel so happy, like I wanted to dance around the room, but also nostalgic and reminiscent at the same time. Like I wanted to sit down, reflect on my life and cry, haha. I’ve listened to this song 100’s of times, on repeat, over and over and over, and every time I hear it, it hits me like the first time.

Pictures Of You

This song and the entire ‘Disintegration’ album helped me through some dark times. I get in very nostalgic moods, and I’ve listened to this on repeat probably 100’s of times as well. It’s really beautiful and also really sad. Robert Smith’s lyrics have always stood out to me, he’s an amazing lyricist, and this song inspired me a lot when I was a teenager to step up my writing game.


All Cats Are Grey

I usually turn to The Cure when I’m feeling sad. This song specifically, I remember driving on a very grey, dull, fall day listening to it when I wasn’t doing my best mentally. That was the moment I realized The Cure’s music has always been there for me, like a friend.

It’s Not You

I listen to this song when I’m in the stage of not caring anymore about a relationship that didn’t work. It helps me get my anger out, haha.


Opposite to the last one I mentioned, I listen to this song when I’m very sad and in the stage of mourning a relationship. Unfortunately, I’ve also played this one on repeat a lot too, and I’ve shed many, many tears while listening to this song. It’s my go-to when I’m heartbroken.


GRAE’s new single, Forget You is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro