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Take 5 With GREN

Adelaide-based multi-instrumentalist GREN recently released his hard-hitting new single ‘Anti’, which we had the joy of premiering. Today we sit down with GREN to find out who is 5 favourite all time artists are.

Animals As Leaders

Needless to say, Animals As Leaders are some of the best musicians in the world right now. Being a drummer, I’ve been watching a lot of Matt Garstka’s drum play throughs and they blow my mind. I would love to see these guys live, they absolutely rip, true masters of their instruments.


Method Man

New Album slaps. Discovered the song ‘Last 2 Minutes’ on YouTube and loved the beat, so I looked him up and discovered he had a new album coming out.

The reason I love this album is that Method Man has kept true to real hip hop, bringing a modern take on old school classic sounding beats.


Every Time I Die

Always been a fan of ETID. Their latest album is a banger. I love their southern groove style mixed with hard-core sound. I can still remember listening to them on the train on the way to school 15 years ago.




Always been a fan. The first time I saw Em was probably the best gig I’ve ever been to, and one of my first hip hop shows. I’ve always been inspired by his story and music.

Limp Bizkit

I started listening to some of the classics during peak covid, reminiscing the old days. They have the lyrics and sound to bang your head to and release some frustration. Going back listening to their classics helped me discover their latest album which I also really enjoy.

Written by John Zebra