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Take 5 With Inferiority Complex

Melbourne based metal outfit Inferiority Complex recently released their formidable new single called Till Death Do Us Part, which was premiered by us last month. Today the band share with us their five favourite acts and why. The band have picked out a single each and collectively decided on the last one.


Joseph’s Pick

Warriors by Seventh Wonder

This song has it all! Crushing riffs, soaring solos, a chorus you’ll be humming for days and enough prog sensibilities to tickle the most incorrigible prog-metal fab. Topping it all off is Tommy Karevik, who may just have the greatest singing voice of all time.

El’s Pick

Daydream In Blue – I monster 

When I first heard this song it came on shuffle in my car, I was hooked instantly. I like it because it has a lot going on but it’s simple and spread out nicely, enough room to comprehend everything. The lyrics are slightly odd but it suits the song perfectly. It’s slightly trippy and is a perfect song to just listen to when driving or to just play at home when you need to relax

Aaron’s Pick

Sync – Born without Bones

I don’t think I could say I’d ever been moved by music the way I had when I first heard Sync. I was going through a really rough mental patch in my life when I’d first heard of Born Without Bones. It was the first song I’d ever heard that gave me a true reminder of the fact that I’m not alone. Every time I hear it now it reminds me of who I’ve become since I did the work to pull myself out of that hole, and get to a place in which I can say, truthfully, that I’m happy.

Jackson’s Pick

Vanish Canvas – ERRA

This song is a favourite because it is able to be incredibly dynamic with some really technical parts. Some great lyrics with an emotional delivery. Not to mention the drums, which are intense yet tasteful.

Whole band pick


We all love the music that this band releases Every song has something to latch onto. We have massive respect for them and the way that they’ve been able to build their audience steadily over the last few years


Inferiority Complex new single, Till Death Do Us Part is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro