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Take 5 With Isla Noon

NZ alt-pop artist, Isla Noon as just revealed her glimmering new single, Her. A wonderful and dynamic track that highlights Noon’s immense talent. To celebrate the release, Isla has shared with us her five favourite tracks of all time and why.

Hey! I’m Isla Noon, an alt-pop artist from Auckland, New Zealand. I’m delighted to share my latest single ‘Her’, and its accompanying music video, out now! The best place to catch my antics is on Instagram.

Kiss The Sky – Rita Mae

An NZ pick to kick us off! I’ve been loving this song since it came out, such polished songwriting with some raw-edged, fresh production. Rita Mae knocked it out of the park with those incredible stacked vocals and thick grungy guitars.

Fotzepolitic – Cocteau Twins

As I often do, I’m having a real moment with the album Heaven or Las Vegas again. Fotzepolitic is the track that I return to most often, partly because every sound is heavenly and partly because it sounds suspiciously like Elizabeth Fraser is singing in Simlish (as in, the language from The Sims).

Fainted Love – Conan Gray

Max Martin pop genius x Conan Gray vocal range x full commitment to sound like this was written in the 80’s. Need I say more? I’m also going to need more people to give this album its flowers because Conan really committed to the bit 150% on this one.

Edge of the Earth – The Beaches

Edge of the Earth was a real grower for me, and now the chorus is like something I need to hear once a day, every day. Just a sucker for that harmony.

Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie

I think I’ve developed a full-blown obsession with this song that has been going on for months at this point. Every sound just scratches a brain-itch. And that little melody on “I’m happy, hope you’re happy too”. The whole song is a weird and wonderful thing to behold. Thanks again for all of it, Bowie.

Isla Noon’s latest gem, Her is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra