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Take 5 With Kel

Sydney-based Singer/Songwriter Kel has just released his audacious new single called We Would’ve Been Fine, which we had the joy of premiering. To further celebrate the release and to get to know Kel a little better, today he’s shared with us his 5 favourite singles of the minute and why.

‘Daydreaming’ Harry Styles

This is one of my favourite songs. I think this song is so fun and playful, with bright chords that make it so much fun to listen to. The production on the song is another reason this song is a standout for me, the mix between his acoustic band and the synthesised instruments is a nice blend. Whenever I put on Harry Styles, this song usually finds its way into the mix.

‘Escapism’ RAYE

I love this song for so many reasons – the production, the darkness and the attitude of the whole song is so well executed, and RAYE is a vocal powerhouse as well. I have always been a fan of huge feature drum beats that drive songs, and it is something I definitely want to bring into my music.

Bad idea right?’ Olivia Rodrigo

Bad Idea Right? is the pop/rock teenage song that I love to listen to. Olivia’s songwriting has so much of her personality, attitude and teenage wit ingrained into the lyrics, which is something I relate to as a young artist writing about new relationships I’ve experienced growing into adulthood. But I also think that rock music is so cool, and I love that she explores it in depth in both her albums.

Moth to a flame’ The Weeknd

This song has such an exciting and constant drive to it, its swelling synth beat and addictive hook in the chorus makes this song so interesting and catchy for me. The production is so well crafted, experimenting with 808 and synth sounds, with strong bass lines that underpin the song. I have always wanted to try music in this style, and The Weeknd will always be an inspiration to me when it comes to this type of music.

‘End Game’ Taylor Swift

I’ll start with the fact that I am a swiftie, and all of her music is so much fun to listen to, but End Game is one of my favourites. The collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future gives it that dark-pop energy with some beautifully crafted lyrics. She bridges between narrative storytelling and a mix of synth-pop production that makes this song so intricate yet exciting to listen to. It’s inherently a pop song, but quite thought provoking if you were to strip it down, just listening to the lyrics and chords.

Kel’s latest single, We Would’ve Been Fine is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro