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Take 5 With Lili-Violet

Melbourne based Indie Pop artist Lili-Violet has recently her powerful new single ‘Anxiety’, which we had the joy of premiering! Today we caught up with Lili to find out her 5 favourite jams of all time.


Summerboy by Lady Gaga

This one to me is an ‘oldie but a goodie’. I have loved the old-school Lady Gaga forever and always appreciated the 90’s Pop-vibes she had in her early music. Accompanied by the funky guitar and bass combination, this song will always be on my favourites list and has come back into my rotation the last few months, especially road tripping through Victoria in Summer! I love that it’s almost Gwen Stefani-like and regardless of the mood, weather, etc. This song always fills my heart with good vibes and a smile.

Affection by Jess Day

I have always loved the storytelling Jess Day uses in her lyrics and this song is a perfect example of this. The catchy, sassy chorus that you can imagine screaming along to at one of her gigs and the everlasting, upbeat rhythm of the song are huge reasons why I can’t wait to see her live in May.

River Nile – Elsy Whammy

This song popped up on one of my Spotify playlists one day and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s different from usual my music taste but I really love the harmonies in the chorus. It’s really groovy and I can’t wait to see what else Elsy comes up with in future!

October by Molly Millington 

This song is the ultimate break-up anthem. I remember the goosebumps instantly rose on my arms from the first piano notes, the first time I heard this song. I love how it slowly builds from an acoustic-style song to a full pop anthem. It’s been on constant rotation for a while now

Little Fires by Jaguar Jonze

I have always loved Jaguar since I saw her on the 2020 Eurovision but this year, I got the chance to see her perform Little Fires live at the Eurovision Australia Decides in Gold Coast and the way she used the stage to truly express her emotions (even with a flaming skirt) was honestly one of the best live performances I’ve seen.


Lili-Violet’s latest single, Anxiety is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro