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Take 5 With Lucian Rice

Aotearoa/New Zealand native Lucian Rice, a versatile singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, has unveiled his latest single ‘brand new day.’ This emotive and heartfelt track continues to evolve his distinctive fusion of nu-gaze, dream pop, and alternative rock. Building on the momentum of his debut single ‘Spineback’ and the recent release ‘can’t you see,’ ‘brand new day’ invites listeners to immerse themselves in the captivating and unadulterated musical landscape crafted by this emerging artist. To celebrate the new jam and today Lucian has shared with us his 5 favourite tracks of the minute and why.

Camber – Beautiful Charade 

Just raw af. Song ticks every box and hits every emotion. Some of my favourite lyrics and just one of my favourite vocalists – every word he sings is so believable. I paid like $30 to some archivist for a copy of the only footage known of them playing it live, lol. Mega fan, super slept on. 

Lali Puna – It’s Not the Worse I’ve Looked (Lali Puna Remix)

This is more of an all-time song for me, I come back to it so often. Just one sentence repeating, repeating, repeating. Perfect writing 2bh. Lali Puna is really one of the best of all time.

Bassvictim – Air on a G String

Whole song just feels like one big rush, clean & gritty. I was a big electro-house kid or whatever you wanna call it so it feels so fresh hearing something like that in a modern context. The whole project is full of go-ers. 

Stina Nordenstam – Now That You’re Leaving

This song and all her music really changed how I approach songs. Such a fascinating writer, how unique her voice is and how she uses it is just mad. All the close mic vocal stuff really inspired and altered how I record all my vocals since. Production never gets in the way and everything just feels so vulnerable. 

Cap’n Jazz – Precious

Tim Kinsella is like the reason I know any of the bands I listen to lol. Real trailblazer and pioneer. Been back in a real big Cap’n Jazz/Joan of Arc phase, but that song in particular has been on heavy rotation. I feel like a broken record – but his vocal delivery is just always perfect, this song particularly. His sombre aggression just juxtaposes the melancholy of the band really well.

Lucian Rice’s new single, brand new day is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro