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Take 5 With Machine On A Break

Sydney based Pop Rock artist Machine On A Break has just released her fiery new single ‘Kindly Step Aside’, which was premiered via us! Today we threw MOAB the aux cord to share with us their favourite all time artists.


I Prevail

I am ALWAYS in the mood for I Prevail – they somehow fit every emotion I feel on the head sonically. They somehow facilitate all my emotions flowing out in a waterfall at once. Let Me Be Sad is my personal anthem – I feel so strongly connected to this song whenever I play it. While the melodies and riffs can be simpler they’re super effective and powerful. I cannot recommend them enough if you’re into heavy hitting choruses with intense emotional impact.

Bring Me the Horizon

BMTH are probably my favourite band right now full stop. I adore the way they craftily blend electronic music with metal/heavy rock and their choruses are ear candy. Walking to work listening to Throne or Obey is the most badass feeling in the world – like I’m on my way to save civilisation.



Plini was one of my first reintroductions to prog and heavier music – I’m actually using some of his plugins in upcoming releases. I adore the tones he uses and the complex yet lyrical melodies he constructs. Even though his music doesn’t contain any lyrics you can hear the singing. I have Plini largely to thank for the new musical direction in which I’m headed.


Down for Tomorrow

Such a wholesome band with catchy af riffs and melodies. There is no way you can listen to these guys and not come away happy. Cody is a genius songwriter and band are TIGHT live. If you haven’t been to a DFT show you’re missing out. They definitely let you get your ’05 emo kid on but with a positive spin.



It is a dream of mine to support RedHook live. Their music is so vibrant and powerful both sonically and lyrically. Their latest release Jabberwocky I’ve had on repeat – I resonate so strongly with the story and they’ve done such an amazing job setting it to music. If you’re into wild electronic sounds and high energy guitar riffs you’ll adore them. This is probably my favourite female fronted band out there.


Machine On A Break’s fiery new single, Kindly Step Aside is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro