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Take 5 With Mannequin Death Squad

Naarm/Melbourne-based rock/punk duo Mannequin Death Squad have just announced their sophomore album, out FridayNovember 22. Accompanying this announcement is their latest single off the record, ‘Safe And Warm‘ feat. DZ Deathrays – produced by the band themselves, mixed by Brent Quirk and mastered by Matt Gray (Violent SohoThe Veronicas). To celebrate the announcement and new single, today the band has shared with us their 5 favourite tracks and why.

Watch the World Burn – Falling in Reverse

This song is absolutely insane from the beginning to end. It is everything i could ever want in a metal song and i am devastated that i didn’t come up with it haha. The video is also equally hectic. The part where Ronnie has lazerbeams coming out of his eyes and he’s incinerating everybody really speaks to me.

Battle Royal – Ecca Vandal

Such a badass track from another great Melbourne artist. Raging beats and gangsta hooks, definitely one to chuck on if we aren’t feeling it before a show to get us going. Definitely a big inspiration for us.

Kool-Aid – Bring Me The Horizon

Can’t stop spinning this track, especially after seeing them live in Melbourne last week. Loving everything bmth are coming up with lately but this hits that heavy spot for sure. It definitely feels like the end of the world listening to it, just how we like it haha.

Songs For The End Of The World Party – Broken Golf Cart

A really talented musician/artist, loving this ep that she just dropped, it’s a vibe!! Her art is just as cool, it’s all done by herself and it’s weird, quirky, grungy and so creative which is what we love.

Rock Steady/Tragic KingdomNo Doubt

No Doubt is always an artist that never really leaves rotation but have definitely been smashing them more lately. The nostalgia is so nice, but still, the tracks just rip, and Gwen is an absolute badass queen, so we go down a rabbit hole of their YouTube videos.

Written by John Zebra