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Take 5 With Modality

Melbourne based Alt /Prog Metal band Modality recently released their new EP ‘Fatal Empire’, which we had the joy of premiering. Today we threw them the aux cord to share with us their five favourite tracks of the minute.

Jinjer – Who is Gonna Be the One 
I’m a huge fan of these guys and this track really showcases the individual talent and musicianship they all possess. From the awesome drums to the ridiculous bass parts and intricate guitar lines, but above all that has to be Tatiana’s vocals that go from really low screams/growls to clean chorus lines and soft vocals at the end. Among a lot of their tracks for me this one grabs me from start to finish and I love it. 

Periphery – Scarlet 

These guys have been at the top of their game for a long while and have to be one of the most gifted musicians and revered bands going around. Not only does this track encapsulate everyone’s level of talent in the band, but the energy and vibe that comes across in this particular track is just awesome. Once you hit play on this track there is no escaping the vortex that is Periphery. 


Spiritbox – Circle With Me 

This track for me oozes class, flow and dynamic. Undoubtedly what draws me in with this song is the vocal performance and delivery from Courtney, the sweetness in her clean tone, control and brutality conveyed here always leaves me wanting more. I love everything this band does, but as a vocalist Courtney’s performance within this track is something I won’t get bored of hearing anytime soon. 


Monuments – A.W.O.L 

I love how this track builds up and fills you with anticipation before an onslaught of crushing riffs and vocals hit you harder than your drunk uncle at Christmas! It’s definitely one of my favourite tracks from these guys as the intensity from start to finish never wavers and always gives me that hit of energy to get me pumped up. 


Sevendust – Face To Face 

I’ve been a big fan of this band since I started playing music. For me this song embodies the big trademark sound Sevendust are – big riffs, awesome choruses and that hard hitting industrial vibe. This song has a lot of energy and revs me up no matter what.

Modality’s new EP, Fatal Empire is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro