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Take 5 With Mozë

Yorta Yorta/Wangaratta-based artist and producer MOZË has revealed her poignant new single ‘WouldYou Be Mine‘ – produced by the artist herself and ARIA Award Winning producer Stephen Mowet (PEZAli Barter). To celebrate the release, Mozë have shared with us her5 favourite artists and why.

Billie Holliday’s self-titled album

Especially in the winter and rainy months. I have been travelling back and forth from Wangaratta to Melbourne and it is the perfect driving music. The romantic aesthetic pulls me out of the current reality and into a jazz club in the 50s with red lippy, a grand piano and a black dress. She always influences my music, especially the upcoming single.

Maple Glider, Good Thing

When I brought my song into Stephen Mowat on co-production, I showed him this song by Maple Glider, because I loved how delicate and effective the production is. It gives her songwriting space, softness – it is delicate and delicious. Stephen was like “I was thinking those exact drums too”, so it inspired that.

Depeche Mode, Ghost Again

I hadn’t ever really given these a good listen, and my friends recently put them on at an Airbnb we stayed at, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Since I recently got a prophet-5 I’ve been really enjoying listening to 80s electronic inspired music, and these guys have an electro-pop spirit which I love too. They are still releasing bangers like Ghost Again in 2023, it’s great.

Maribou State, Beginnings

I’ve always been a massive Maribou State fan, I feel like when I’m lost creatively, I go back to these guys, and it reminds me how far you can take creativity. Maybe it’s the organic and tactile sounds that pull me in with their music, like Bonobo and Four Tet in that regard. However, the mix of electronic, ambient, and pop/soul music into their sound is what I’m always here for it.

Elton John, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

 This song inspired ‘Would You Be Mine’. Elton John and Bernie Taupin are wonderful collaborators and write beautiful romantic soulful ballads. I wanted to express a similar aesthetic through the songwriting and connect to my listeners in a more vulnerable light.





Written by John Zebra