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Take 5 With Mum Thinks Blue

Gaining a well-deserved reputation for their electrifying and delightfully unpredictable live performances, Mum Thinks Blue, the quirky indie quintet from Adelaide, have shared the stage with musical giants such as Arctic Monkeys and Spacey Jane at the unforgettable Heaps Good Festival. These self-proclaimed “goofballs” are back in the spotlight, and their latest single, ‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ is a testament to their infectious energy and creative spirit. To celebrate the release and to get to know the band a little better, the band have shared with us their five favourite releases of the minute and why.

Hannah: ‘Lush Life’ – The Belair Lip Bombs 

This album is just the perfect summer listen. We played with Lip Bombs in Adelaide a couple month back and I was immediately excited for this album to be released. Special shout out to the track ‘Gimme Gimme’!

Joe: ‘Exploding’ – Angie McMahon 

Angie has never missed and I’m under the impression she never will. I love that she doesn’t follow regular structure or confine herself to standard rhythms, everything seems to just fit together in a messy kind of way. Her distinct lack of groove in some of her songs really sticks out to me as it’s this free time way of playing that makes her music so complex but so beautiful. A close second is Inhale Exhale by Skrillex as it’s bonkerz

Austin: ‘Careful’ – Deeper 

Deeper’s last album in 2020 is what got me onto the band, was absolutely hanging for this one and it didn’t disappoint. It really gels together nicely, it’s one of those albums you can just keep listening to. It gives me 80s vibes with some cool synth parts and obviously the vocals. I also really like the way the guitar and bass lines work together as a partnership, it just makes sense. Build a bridge is classic deeper vibes with a twist, such a good first song for the direction of the album and definitely have to shout out ‘Glare’, that was the song that made me go “oh yeah”.

Joaquin: ‘From The Start’ – Laufey 

Top tier song from a banging album! A cheeky bossa nova tune that reminds me of some of old classics like the Girl from Ipanema. The perfect song to chill out to

Josh: ‘Dive’ – Olivia Dean 

Love the groove and feel of this one. Instantly on the playlist from the first listen. Lyrics and vocals go hard, mixed nicely through with them having that standout feel yet the instruments just power through supplying the constant groove. It’s so smooth, just a great tune!

Beneath the glossy veneer of disco-inspired drum rhythms and whimsical keytar melodies, ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ reveals a lyrical depth that might catch you off guard. Fronted by vocalist Austin Dobbin, the track delves into the shadows of self-reflection, unearthing moments of self-sabotage and the ongoing quest to embody the persona of a ‘nice guy’. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro