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Take 5 With Nectar

Following the release of their new single ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’, we got Perth psychedelic band Nectar to put together their top five tracks right now.

The newest members of Perth’s Tone City Records, Nectar’s most recent psych/indie soul creation is a tasty slow jam with beautiful guest vocals from Ella Pilcher. Mirroring the laidback vibes of Dope Lemon and Tame Impala, ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’ fuses neo-soul and jazz influence with silky chord progressions reminiscent of Tom Misch. On the meaning behind the track, the band explained: “If you want things to happen in your life you have to work for it and make the change, which we have been noticing a lot amongst our day to day lives especially as we are emerging as young artists. The song is particularly relevant at the moment as it is easy to find yourself in a stagnant state of life. It also reiterates that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that it’s okay to be at that stagnant point.”

The WA four-piece have chosen five favourite tracks they’ve been listening to lately- check out their shortlist below!

Once – Parcels

This has been a track I’ve been going back and back for more from for a few months now…

Completely stripped back from their trademark glamorous style and honing into their melancholic side, ‘Once’ is a subtle reminder of how things so sweet can go sour at any moment, but it is nonetheless important to try to see the bright end of the tunnel.

Give this song a listen, “once” or twice and it might turn into 100 times!!

Trash Talk – Demon Days, Lachlan Payet

This tune is an all-time favourite, the drunk swing is enough to get you hooked.. the horns section is just so smooth and tight. I think overall the production of this song is just incredible there’s just so much to it and I simply can’t get enough of it.

Sleep in it – The Washing Line Economy

The track is so flowy and elevating, it gives me a sense of nostalgia for no particular reason. It has a great message behind it from what I gather too!

The EP this song belongs to is definitely worth checking out if you are yet too.

Lose sleep – Sensible J, REMI, Jordan Rakei 

This song is just truly a masterpiece, when I first heard this song I honestly got goosebumps from hearing the lyrics, it is an extremely powerful and emotional song that talks about the racism that people still face within society. The instrumental is so damn smooth.. the structure, the musicality and the lyricism all team up to make an exquisite track.

 Care – CHISEKO, Your Girl Pho.

I’ve been listening to this tune on repeat for weeks now. CHISEKO’s weaving lyrics fused with Your Girl Pho’s soulful vocals create serene enjoyment. It’s a bop.



Listen to Nectar’s ‘Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)’ now and keep an eye out for more from these promising purveyors of Aussie psych!

Written by Alice Powell