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Take 5 With Primal

Melbourne-based alt-rock outfit Primal recently revealed their dynamic self-titled debut EP this week, which we had the joy of giving the world the very first listen. Today the band have shared with us their 5 favourite tracks collectively of all time and why.

Lust for Life – Iggy Pop

A recent addition to my rotation, although potentially the oldest. It’s impossible to hear this and not imagine Iggy engaged in his iconic hip-swinging and arm-flailing. Incredibly infectious drums and (somehow?) relatable and uplifting lyrics. Would recommend this on an early morning drive.

Bow River – Cold Chisel

One of my dad’s favourites, and subsequently became one of mine. There’s too much to say about this song. Both Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss wailing of the day you finally make it to paradise – which always stirs something in me. This song hasn’t once failed to increase efficiency in the workplace by at least 30%. Incredibly under-rated guitar solo. Barnes one of the best rock vocalists in history (will die on that hill).

Wait and Bleed – Slipknot

A song from my early teenage years rearing its ugly head again. Yikes. Great chorus and the kind of verses that you hurt your neck to. Having said that, not typically a fan of slipknot lyrics and this isn’t really an exception. Still an undeniable banger. A hardstyle remix would be cool. I think you can really hear the late 90’s-2000’s in this song. Something about it is incredibly “y2k”. Could very easily be the closing credits of a horror movie from that time period.

Dirty Old Town – The Pogues

RIP Shane McGowan. When he died I revisited the Pogues and, among others, this stood out. Shane croaks his way through brilliant lyrics, not necessarily sad, but definitely not happy.
The middle eight section feels like a going-away-party at an Irish pub. You can almost smell the Guiness. Summed up with a metaphor about your hometown chopping you down “like an old, dead tree”. Shane McGowan was a master of showing you someone else’s reality. He could really transport you places with his words.

Waterloo – ABBA

I think it’s interesting that although the lyrics are past-tense, it’s a very forward-looking song. You don’t feel as though something has already happened, you feel as though it’s going to happen. It’s hopeful yet very self-aware. As always by ABBA, perfect lyrics and song-crafting – it feels like a song that was discovered, rather than written; like there was never a time when this song didn’t exist. It’s immediately familiar on a visceral level, and that’s the genius of ABBA.

Primal’s self-titled EP is available now everywhere.


Written by John Zebra