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Take 5 With Quinny

Melbourne-based Indie Pop artist Quinny recently released his profound new single and music video called ‘Boxing Day Bells’, which was premiered exclusively via us! Today Quinny has shared with us his five favourite tracks of the minute and why.

1 . G Haust – Bovine

This is one of my all time favourite tracks that’s always on rotation, written, performed and produced by the amazing Bovine, a huge influence of mine who I’m very privileged to also call one of my best friends! The song is just a total journey, stars with a very Disney-esque intro, before eventually descending into total horror. I feel like I hear a new part or instrument every time I listen, yet it doesn’t feel too busy. There’s a great out of time pulsing bass thing when the drums kick in too which I love. Enjoy!

2. Turpentine – Blink-182

I’ve been a huge fan of blink since I was around 11 or 12, when I first got to check out the music video channels at my aunt and uncles house and caught the ‘Rock Show’ video on Kerrang. Learning the whole of ‘Enema of the State’ was how I started playing guitar and jamming with bands too, so they’ve been a foundational factor in the direction my life has gone.

I’m a fan of the Matt Skiba albums while Tom had left the band, but this tune is the perfect example of what they couldn’t achieve during that era, sort of trying to replicate blink material rather than it just being organic. To me, ‘Turpentine’ feels like the natural progression the 2003 untitled album and 2012’s ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ EP. Who knows what they’ll sound like in another decade?

3. Can’t I Dream? – Marouli

This one is a bit of a cheat, because I actually wrote most of the lyrics to this song. In my defence, it was a completely different song when I worked on it and my very good friend Graham McCusker of Marouli took the words and recreated the music in his own image.

Just a few weeks ago they released a great video for it starring my brother Martin (known for his roles in Star Trek and Derry Girls) which is well worth checking out. It has a real Black Mirror feel to it.

4. Old Mixtapes – Shannen James

Shannen is one of my favourite Melbourne artists! I’m not lucky enough to know her, but my girlfriend and I go see her play whenever she has a headline in town and admittedly we have more than one set of matching Shannen t-shirts.

This tune is the latest single from her upcoming debut album ‘Patchwork’, released February next year. Her music covers nearly all of my pop pleasure points – think somewhere in between Haim and Shania Twain with a splash of 1975, Two Door Cinema Club and Bombay Bicycle Club. That’s what it does for me anyway.

5. All I Wanted – Paramore

I caught Paramore for the first time at their third and last Melbourne show of the tour the other night. Was very lucky to catch a rare performance of this tune, such an amazing vocal performance. It was like a reward for missing out on tickets to the first 2 shows. Hayley’s voice seems to just get better and better. Band were incredible too, apparently they played it unrehearsed (not that anyone would have noticed).

Quinny’s latest single, Boxing Day Bells is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra