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Take 5 With Ride For Rain

Ride For Rain have released their new single ‘Like What You Do’. We handed the reigns over to the Sydney indie pop legends to find out what they’re digging at the moment.

Egoism – an indie pop shoegazey band from Sydney, made up of members Scout and Olive who know how to write a catchy as hell tune. I think ‘What Are We Doing’ is one of my most listened to songs haha. They have just released a new song called ‘You You’ that has a damn good hook in it so make sure to have a listen to that to. They deserve all the recent attention they’ve been getting.


Speed – Sick Sydney hardcore is all haha! Speed are relatively new to the scene but are as tight and heavy as. They put out a demo late last year but is more of a quality Ep in my opinion. If you’re into good, heavy, groovy hardcore then go to one or their shows.


The Dead Love – Probs one of the tightest and biggest sounding three pieces I’ve seen live – they know what a show is and how to put on one. Front man Stevie who has worked with us (Ride For Rain) knows how to write a song, ‘Pick Me Up’ is probably my favourite from their new record. If you’re yet to see them live do so.


Mexican Age – a skate punk band from Japan who we had the honour of playing with when touring there and were definitely better than us haha. They carry pretty much everything to love about skate punk; fast, melodic and a super fun live show. Stage dives!!!


No Rome – if you haven’t already heard of him now you have. No Rome is an indie pop artist from the Philippines but based in the UK. Hooky as songs, ‘Do it Again’ and ‘Talk Nice’ are probably my favourites. He’s on Dirty Hit so you know there’s big vibes.

Written by Chris Lamaro