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Take 5 With Scum Fu

Sydney Punk duo Scum Fu recently released their explosive new single ‘Shannon Lives Next Door’, which we had the joy of premiering. To get to know the band a little better, they have shared with us their 5 favourite bands and albums of all time and why.

Zeke – Kicked In The Teeth

I love Zeke’s style of breakneck fast rock n’ roll, something between Motorhead and The Ramones but on speed. full of blisteringly fast sub 1-minute belters, a handful of slow jams, and a shitty Kiss cover, this album has everything you could want and more. Bonus points for one of the sickest album covers ever too. – Zac

Cosmic Psychos – Go The Hack

Cosmic Psychos represents everything I love about Australian punk rock. From writing about a band member being kicked out of the band to rippin’ shit up with a tractor, this album in particular displays what you’d expect to hear from blokes who live out in farmlands in Australia. Super catchy straightforward verses, choruses, riffs and that beautifully sweet yet harsh-sounding superfuzz on bass, you’ve got yourself an absolute eargasm. – Josh

Golpe – La Colpa É Solo Tua

I may not be able to understand the lyrics but this album absolutely rips. Great riffs, great drumming and a nasty in-your-face production, La Colpa E Solo Tua is raw and aggressive D-beat punk perfection. Overflowing with energy from start to finish and never slowing down, this is a great album to lose your NSW issued drivers license to. – Zac

Dwarves – The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking

The best album ever by the best band ever, The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking is an album I find myself coming back to time after time. For me it’s the perfect blueprint for how a punk rock album should be. Every tune is a total banger and at just 22 minutes (not including the bonus track) there is no filler or wasted time from front to back. – Zac

Thou – May Our Chambers Be Full

This album really bends Thou’s genre defying sound. The slow harsh riffs and soft low growling sections catch your attention instantly. The inclusion of Emma Ruth Rundle is an addition most people may not have expected to fit in with their no nonsense sound that wraps around your head, but she is an absolutely perfect fit and gives peace and calmness to the chaos. She is such a key factor to this album. Catch me transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly after I listen to this from start to finish. Probably a moth. – Josh

Scum Fu’s new single, Shannon Lives Next Door, is available everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro