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Take 5 With Sesame Girl MGVC Edition

The ninth annual Mountain Goat Valley Crawl is set to take place across eight different stages on Saturday, the 10th, Feb. Featuring an all-star bill including These New South Whales, Peach Fur, Raave Tapes, Platonic Sex, Sesame Girl, plus heaps more! It will be a fun day out with pals set out across a wide variety of Fortitude Valley’s best venues.

To celebrate the event and get everyone excited, today, we have Sesame Girl share with us their five favourite bands performing on the bill and why.


Friends of Friends – Morphine

This song makes me feel like a protagonist in an early 2000s movie, tryna stick it to the man. Seriously the chorus is chefs kiss :*


Bean Magazine – Fire

They really ate on this one. Definitely giving Ty Segall vibes, and like a seagull, it’s taking us to the highest heights.


Jet City Sports Club – My Everything

Lila’s voice sure does turn me into a puddle. This song is the lushest of lush, similar to eating a perfect peach.


Cold Wave – Plagiarise

I think Josh listened to this song 50 times last year and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. When the verse melody hits like a chorus you’ve done something right.


Naaki Soul – Valley Song

Not only is this a top five Mountain Goat Valley crawl song it is a top five song that altered my brain chemistry. Yep, they slayed.

Catch Sesame Girl at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl in Fortitude Valley on 10 February, 2024.

Written by Chris Lamaro