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Albury/Wodonga-based alternative rock band SOULSLEEP have just shared their confronting single, ‘Beautiful Disaster‘ – produced by Chris Lalic (WindwakerThe Last Martyr). To celebrate the release, the band have shared with us their favourite tunes of the minute and why.

Kool-Aid – Bring Me The Horizon

The top song that I’ve been smashing since it dropped is ‘Kool-Aid’ by Bring Me The Horizon.

They literally do not release a bad song in my books. Just by hearing the thumping kick at the

beginning of the song, ya’ll know it’s about to rip.

The chorus had me hooked with the vocal melody combined with the synths and the belter of a breakdown – Jayden.

Wish I Could Forget – Slander/Bring Me The Horizon/Blackbear

Jimi’s summer jam at the moment is ‘Wish I Could Forget’ by Slander/Bring Me The Horizon/Blackbear.Jimi loved the song so much that he wrote a remix of the song in a house festival-styled track because he wanted to create a polar opposite vibe of the song using the lyrics from ‘Wish I Could Forget’ because they really struck home for him.


The album ‘HOPE’ by NF is an amazingly, captivating album that resonates with myself

and many others due to its raw and emotional lyrics.

NF’s introspective and deeply personal storytelling draws listeners in and allows them to connect with the music on a profound level.

The album’s production is also top-notch, with a blend of haunting melodies and hard-hitting

beats that complement his powerful raps.

His ability to tackle heavy subjects such as mental health, self-reflection and personal struggles with authenticity and vulnerability also hits home for us – Jayden.

Closure – The Plot In You

Jakes banger for the month is ‘Closure’ by The Plot In You. Jake really connected with the lyrics and intense vocals from Landon, capturing raw emotions of heartbreak and struggle. It’s an emotionally charged song that evokes feelings of pain, reflection, and ultimately, closure.

The song’s build-ups and releases create a sense of tension and release, echoing the ups and downs of a difficult relationship.

‘Control’ – Too Close to Touch

Another song picked by Jake is ‘Control’ by the band Too Close to Touch. The dynamic instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics create an emotional connection, and the powerful vocals deliver a sense of strength and resilience. The song’s passionate energy and relatable themes of overcoming hardship and reclaiming agency can make you feel empowered and uplifted, leaving you with a sense of confidence and positivity.

It’s a song that truly speaks to the experience of finding inner strength and resonates with many who have faced challenges.

Written by John Zebra