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Take 5 With Stieble Eltron

Interstellar Pop artist Stieble Eltron has travelled all the way back from the year 2099 to release his new single and music video ‘You Are My Customer’, which we had the joy of premiering just last week. To celebrate the new single and to find out more about this interesting artist from the ‘future’, Stieble has shared with us his five favourite tracks and why.

Flugel Oiltrump – o-i-i-i-<| ((( Bio (( dynamic (( ego ( death

Flugel is a seductive and fashionable gentlemen. He is a humunguloid hailing from the harsh planet of Brassoleus.

This beautiful single was released in the year 3092 (in some universes) by my wealthy colleague and friend Flugel. He is renowned not only for playing his trumpet with me live, but also for his unfathomably pleasurable private trumpet events. I am incredibly excited to see Flugel pave his own sound using derelict Ableton stock instruments, his favourite midi trumpet, and about half an hour of free time. I know the people of Earth will love it despite their small brains and flesh trumpets.

Nopia5000 – All I’ve ever known

Nopia5000 is one of billions of Nopia models created by Stieble Industries- the ultimate in humanoid robot technology. This song was created by one such droid: Nopia5000.

Early in 2099 Nopia began to develop such acute self awareness that she began to experience emotions. Soon aftewards she displayed some truly bizarre behaviours. She used an algorithm to convert the generative emotional code into sound waves. With this she has created a new EP. S(t)imulatron Archives have recovered the data and applied it to the 2024 ‘.wav’ format for your discovery and enjoyment

She is uniquely more intelligent than the other Nopia’s and freed herself from regular AI duty. Since then she has accumulated a small following as a DJ and songwriter. She lives in her small apartment alone and struggles to compute what it means to be alive and to love.

I am a huge fan of this song as it really shows how emotionally intelligent my Nopia5000 is and shows her unique experience as a non-organic humanoid.


The Gloopen Dwip #1 Interstellar Broadcast – Background and Intro Music

Anyone with half a plasma sac has heard of this one. This song is the soundtrack to everyone’s favourite radio station on planet Gloopen Dwip. As the title suggests, they play this track whenever presenters are discussing pressing topics or interviewing politicians, foreign microbes or famous artists such as myself. I love the way you can really hear the native fungal worm’s sonic orificie being used as the basis of the music.


Doctorrobot – Moody City

Doctor Robot is a natural wonder of what remains of the year 9 million. Earth is blessed with his music at the young age of 2024. Moody City is a masterpiece of funk at the quantum level. I recommend pairing it up via bluetooth to your custom Stieble Industries Vibrator and listening on maximum frequency differentiation. When I do this, Moody City fills me up with deep, pulsing throbs in my discharge tubules, and the blood rushes to my turgid gel glands for a spiritual experience like none other.


SEATBELTS – Cats on Mars

TSIF!!!* My employees LOVE when I blast this party song on a Foinday at the office after a 33 day work week making the best technological consumerist products on the planet.
This track is milennia ahead of its timeline, and lightyears away from its domain. It truly goes hard AF¡ My favourite thing about this is that the neuro-aural training I’ve done with my staff starts to set in and 80% of them choose to stay back overnight until Bungdayº, and some occasionally as far as Boogaliewoogalieday.•

*Thank Stieble It’s Foinday – last day of the work week on planet Raith
¡As Foinjuice
ºThe first day of the weekend on planet Raith.
•The third and final weekend on planet Raith on which all snakepeople are allowed to mate in public.

Stieble Eltron’s latest single, You Are My Customer is available now, everywhere.