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Take 5 With Taime Marsh

Wollongong-based rocker Taime Marsh recently released his debut single called Hey Everybody, which we had the joy of premiering just last week. Today Taime shares with us his five favourite tunes at the moment and why.

Misfits – “Dig Up Her Bones”

A classic 90s era Misfits track. I love the melodic punk sound with the macabre horror lyrics. Misfits are one of the first bands I used to play guitar and sing to in my bedroom when I was 12yo. With their innovative, unique style of punk, they still remain a favourite of mine.

Limp Bizkit – “Full Nelson”

When it comes to riffs, Wes Borland is one of the best in the game, say what you want about Bizkit, but you can’t deny when you listen to them, they make you wanna break stuff! I also like the dynamics in this song, when the chorus kicks in it knocks you out (no pun intended).

Ho99o9 – “Speak Of The Devil”

I like the creepy, dark, modern sound to this track and also the atmosphere around everything. It comes in with an eerie synth and melodic vocals then explodes into a shouty heavy kinda vocal style, it has a lethargic element to it which gives you those ‘3am thoughts’ vibes.

Carcass – Exhume To Consume

It’s no secret I’m a big Goregrind fan, so I have mad respect for the band that pretty much invented the genre. I love the early Carcass stuff, I feel they were pretty ahead of their time, pushing boundaries with their low guitar tunings and stomach turning lyrics. The creepy yet somewhat sarcastic riffs on this track, mixed with gore and dark humorous lyrics, paints an almost tongue and cheek tale of carnage, I love it!

Murder Dolls – “Dead In Hollywood”

It’s a catchy, heavy rock song loaded with campy horror references, what’s not to love? I’m a horror buff so of course I fell for it. The song has an infectious heavy riff with a pulsating kick drum, while singer (Wednesday 13) rattles off all the familiar horror villains. He then then proceeds to say, “Cause all my heroes are dead in Hollywood”. Definitely a jam!

Taime Marsh’s new single, Hey Everybody is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra