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Take 5 With The Dark Horse

Sydney based trio The Dark Horse have just released their intoxicating new single called ‘Houston’, which we had the joy of premiering just last week. To further celebrate the release, today the band have shared with us their five favourite artists and tracks of the minute.

Black Pumas:

They just came out of nowhere for me, it just gives you that classic nostalgic timeless feeling with the production and rich string orchestral arrangements. Curtis Mayfield esc Vocals along with lush vintage guitar bass and drum sounds, It was a breath of fresh air in the digital world of electronic over saturated pop music. When I first heard this I was expecting it to be straight from the 60’s Vault and was surprised to find it was actually a band from Texas and had just been released 2/3years ago. – Klevaone.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir:

Love this song for all the obvious reasons. The middle eastern influence. The greatest drum break/sound, the polyrhythmic guitars with epic string orchestra and then Robert Plant’s effortless vocals floating on the top. Also I just love the extended, unconventional song structure of the song. Has definitely been an inspiration. – Haydn.


We just love this Band! and In particular this song it’s use of vocal over dubs and doo wops give a nostalgic vintage sound and their use of hardware effects and samples are very inspiring. The whole brand they have build and way they have encapsulated this authentic and unique sound is a joy to listen to.

Arctic Monkeys 

I love this whole album for the production, lyrical and overall concept and amazing writing and expansive harmonic passages. Such great little sound candy moments throughout their tracks.

Raye – Genesis 

The writing and complexity of this album production is simply unreal! She has a real scene of her own artistry and you can tell the depth of her production and lyrics that her musical journey has been a solid one. Influenced by the greats and yet incredibly relevant and raw. I just LOVE it – Meg

The Dark Horse’ new single, Houston is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra