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Take 5 With The Elsewheres

Just a little while ago, we debuted The Elsewheres latest single, Take My Hand. Now, we have the chance to connect with the band and delve into their identity, along with the revelation of their all-time top five favorite tunes.

First up, can you please give us a quick intro to The Elsewheres?

The Elsewheres are a group of colourful hooligans. We want to make music that hits you emotionally whilst getting ya hips groovin’. We’ve just released two singles in the lead up to our debut EP Run Away With Me (Aug 3), and are stoked to be riding this wave. We’ll be gigging around Meblbourne plenty in this half of the year and kicking it all off with our launch show at The Curtin on the 10th of August!

Unicorns Die When You Leave – Kishi Bashi

Our sax player Dylan Hamilton put me onto Kishi Bashi and I’ve had him on rotation ever since. This is the final track on his 2012 album 151a and it’s a perfect snapshot of his style. Broad, open soundscape with a minimalistic drum pattern supporting rhythmic acoustic guitar and a melody that is bursting with joy. Just such a fun one!

My Friend – Bones and Jones

I met some of these guys out at Backyard Fest last year where they lent me a kettle cord for my keys. I was very grateful and all the more delighted when I heard them play and it turned out that they absolutely slapped. Great performers, and the songs to back it up. This track has an instantly familiar quality that hits like a classic. A straightforward rock arrangement is what this song needed and these lads didn’t overcomplicate it. Vibe, nailed.

Get Better – Alt-J

I’ve loved Alt-J since I heard them back in highschool. These guys find a perfect balance between technically obtuse and emotionally present. Get Better has a wonderfully heartfelt story, very minimal arrangement with intimate vocals, acoustic guitar and some very effectively placed piano chords. There’s nothing to hide behind in this mix and that’s a testament to the writing. A great song stands up with only a voice and a guitar.

Julia – Mt joy

This one is all vibe. Fantastic falsetto vocals over a laid-back groove and rhythmic stops in all the right places. The chorus is catchy and the story is sweet, sometimes that’s all you need.

It’s Called: Freefall – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Once again I owe this to Dyl, we were up late having a smoke in our little cabin with the fairy lights shining and this tune was the perfect accompaniment. A melody that creates its own rhythmic momentum, all the stronger for the tight vocal harmonies, and a gritty understated band that takes that momentum and rolls with it all the way home.


The Elsewheres latest single, Take My Hand is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro