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Take 5 With The Opinion Industry

Sydney based Alt Rock newcomers The Opinion Industry recently unleashed their powerful debut single and music video called ‘OPINIONS’ , we premiered the single just last month and it’s fair to say the band are making waves. To get to know the Opinion Industry a bit better they’ve shared with us their top five tracks they’re digging at the moment.


SEVENDUST – Dying to Live

When it comes to American hard rock/metal, groove, melody and ‘sing out loud’ choruses – it hasn’t gotten better than Sevendust. Everything that came before it was a stepping stone to get to this and everything after has either been a deviation into some other sub-genre or just not up to scratch. Lajon has such a powerful voice that belongs in RNB, but with a-little grit forms and incredible front to harmonys and infectiously thumping ‘on-the kick drum’ riffs. I’ve taken people to Sevendust shows without ever hearing them before and they are physically moved by the power and force those 5 guys bring to the room. You hear Sevendust in Karnivool, Twelve foot Ninja, Periphery and yes… The Opinion Industry. Fans will refer to the older material but this track is on their latest record ‘Blood & Stone’ and shows this band is getting better with age.





There is something out-of-this-world about a great female fronted rock band – Skunk Anansie, No Doubt, Paramore, The Cardigans to name a few. Whenever I’ve been asked what songs I like to cover I always gravitate toward them because the lyrical perspective put across in them is different and fresh for me and pushes me physically to hit new notes. I turned Cruisy onto them who almost exclusively listens to metal and he loves them too. Marmozets sound like Muse, Arctic Monkeys and The Dillinger Escape Plan (!!!) and their singer hits noises in this song that I hope the next generation of girls see and want to emulate. Have a listen – I mean how does she do that?



MAC picked this because he values excellence and is the most intelligent member of The Opinion Industry. Just a brilliant instrumental by very skilled musicians with all of the grooves chops and feels in the textbook. Clearly you can see everyone in the room having fun(k) and only after a few seconds, you’ll be pulling those ‘Who made that bad smell? faces. That long horn line has no business being in there but it works and adds to the tasty confusion within the track.


ISSUES – Drink About It

The down-tuned riff thing is a tired and old sound – has been for years. Recently though I came across ISSUES and this song is just so good and interesting. They had some line-up changes I think and moved away from the ‘scene’ crowd to try and expand their palette and it was a risk worth taking in my book. You can tell the band like techy, muso time signature play but the singer and the choice of melodies give me this huge George Michael esq sexiness that just exudes elegance. Still kept a punk edge to them too which I don’t think they can shake so the genre mashing is working here on this song. Listen to this with the lights down low – Tapping Out is also a banger!


BILLY TALENT – Afraid of Heights

I lived in Canada for a few years and discovering Billy Talent was life changing. BT focus on the most important thing of all in a band – songs. They have them – all day – full stop. The first two albums are perfect and I keep waiting for that ‘average’ one and it baffles me to understand how, with what is a ‘one guitar’ band, they have unique ideas and melodies in every-single-song. I come mainly from 90’s rock and they come from punk and I feel that we are trying to achieve the same place. They make me want to write better songs. This track was the lead single from their last album and an absolute anthem.


The Opinion Industry’s debut single, Opinions is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra