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Take 5 With The Transits

New Zealand/South African Punk Rock lords The Transits recently revealed their edgy new single ‘Renegade Hearts’, which was premiered by us just last month. Today we catch up with the band to find out what music they’re digging at the moment.

Kennyhoopla – You Needed a Hit

Kenny rocks. He’s one of the most exciting artists in punk rock today, redefining the genre with his fresh vocal style and cleverly blending in his obvious influences from outside the genre. He’s paving the way with his youthful energy and feels like he’s calling the shots. “You Needed a Hit” is another anthemic, high-energy banger.


VHS Collection – Space Between Us

VHS Collection may have written the ultimate song for driving at night. Go ahead, put the song on, close your eyes, and picture yourself driving across the Brooklyn Bridge at night. Amazing, isn’t it? VHS Collection is clearly influenced by the synth-laced 80s, but they do it well and make it feel fresh and contemporary. Moody, atmospheric, and emotive—just gorgeous.

Jean Dawson – Triple Double

Jean is another genius who is about to blow up. “Triple Double” and its album “Pixel Bath” are as exciting as they sound. The track features A$AP Rocky and blends indie, lo-fi rock, rap, and hip hop. Seriously cool. Incredibly catchy with great production, Jean is on the rise and we should all prepare.

Stand Atlantic – Deathwise (feat. Nothing,nowhere)

We’re sure Stand Atlantic needs no introduction. It would be rude to call them a pop punk band, as they really bring the vibes and creatively use sounds not typically found in the genre—loops, trap beats, synths, and super slick production. Boom. The song starts with the catchiest vocals by Bonnie Fraser and then launches into the most danceable chorus. The track features USA artist Nothing, nowhere. This band owns the stage and the airwaves.

Depeche Mode – My Favourite Stranger 

Off the new album, this track has a menacing yet melodic baseline that grabs you from the get-go. There’s a keyboard sample that repeats in this track, sounding like some crazy out-of-this-world siren. It carries on building and building until that classic Depeche drop where Dave and Martin’s voices meet in perfect harmony. A perfectly seductive creepy little gem.

The Transits new single, Renegade Hearts is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra