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Take 5 With This Week In The Universe

Recently Sydney-based electronic duo, This Week In The Universe revealed their dreamy new single, Weightless feat. Wallace. It’s a lush, rich number that carries all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster. Featuring an array of experimental arpeggiated synth work, retro drums and a heavenly vocal delivery, this one is certainly a game changer. To celebrate the release, TWITU have shared with us their 5 favourite movie soundtracks and why.

The Social Network

From the heavy electronic production to the haunting piano melodies to the glitching artifacts that Reznor & Ross use in their production – this is 100% our vibe. Listening to the hypnotic tension on this OS definitely makes us feel/confirm Facebook is spying on us.


Ghostbusters 2

Maybe a controversial pick over the first Ghostbusters, but this is just so of it’s time and so good. Run-DMC doing the Ghostbusters theme tells you pretty much all you need to know. Huge fans of the Bobby Brown single and the New Jack Swing energy of the whole soundtrack. Love a soundtrack that you can listen to as an album. Even though it’s made up of tracks by all different artists, it feels like you’re listening to a cohesive record.

The Mandalorian

We had to include some Ludwig Goransson in this list. He’s such a great producer/composer and has written so much of the best film music in recent years. We love his scores for Black Panther and Tenet too, but The Mandalorian music just made such a big impression on us. We’re cheating a little with this one, since it’s a TV show but what can you do. What is so great about this soundtrack is super unexpected sonic choices that Goransson makes. He manages to combine a lot of disparate and unusual elements into something that still feels like classic Star Wars music. He’s not bad at writing a good old-fashioned epic theme either.

Beverly Hills Cop

We all know the classic Harold Faltermeyer theme, which still sounds as good as it ever did and sets the tone for the soundtrack. Faltermeyer produced a few other tracks on there but what we love about this soundtrack is the song choices. All the perfect mood for the film and matched so well to the Faltermeyer score. Similar to Ghostbusters 2 in that it feels like an album and has such a vibe, even though it’s made up of tracks from different artists and producers. That Pointer Sisters jam still holds up.

The Terminator

The most 80s of selections in this list, this is just such a visual one for us. Moreover the Brad fiedel score that the ‘various artists’ pop rock of the 2nd half. Sonically there is so much bottom end and brooding atmosphere textures and huge synths, although most people probably couldn’t sing the main theme from memory, from the 1st second it takes you back into skynet territory


This Week In The Universe’s latest single, Weightless feat. Wallace is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro