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Take 5 With Vilify

Following on from their widely-praised single ‘Odyssey‘, Mulubinba/Newcastle-based alternative-metal band Vilify have just released their latest unyielding cut ‘Take The Pill – produced and mixed by Chris Blancato (NorthlaneBare BonesReliqa). Today Amy from the band shares with us her 5 favourite tunes and why.

Granite – Sleep Token.

The first time I heard this song I got goosebumps all over. When it drops into the chorus for the first time It still feels like a wave of Euphoria is washing over me.

Aqua Regia – Sleep Token

I would apologize for double dropping Sleep Token, but I am not at all sorry. I have found myself whistling and singing this song pretty well nonstop since it came out.

Yenta – Ten56.

This song is just huge and groovy. It’s the perfect gym track for me. Running, riding, lifting. This song just demands movement, and I will oblige.


Kill[H]er – Stand Atlantic

I am a massive STAT sweater, and this song is a smooth little break from the predominantly heavy stuff I’ve been listening to lately. Plus, guitar solo. What’s not to love?


Silent Season – Thousand Below

Catchy, hooky and just the right amount of sad. This album came out in December and is a great listen, but this song just stuck to me since its release for some reason.


Written by John Zebra