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Take 5 With WEST.

Emerging artist WEST. recently treated us to his new single ‘Do 2 Me’, a proper dance tune with a super catchy beat.

Ally McMahon, AKA WEST. has been making an impact in the last few years, laying down basslines for house producer Cody Currie, performing at Splendour In The Grass with The Big Ilch, and experimenting with his sound. The Sydney based artist explained the meaning behind ‘Do 2 Me’, saying “the lyrics talk about a yearning for the attention of a crush with the hope of the connection leading to a romance.” Co-written and sung by the exceptional Dom Diaz (The Big Ilch, Majun Bu), this track is a relatable mood-lifter that proves WEST. is set for big things.

WEST. hooked us up with his five favourite tracks of the moment- check them out below!

Redemption – Jack Grace

I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled upon this, but I’m really glad that I did. I’m absolutely in love with the retro sounding production of the drums and synths and how they juxtapose with the really delicate softly spoken vocals and airy pianos. It’s really reminiscent of a lot of music I used to listen to at college back home which I think is why I’m so captivated by it. All those nostalgic feels!


Slowdance – Mndsgn

This is without doubt my favourite release so far of 2021. From the first moment I listened to this I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve always been a huge admirer of artists whose compositions paint a picture in your head of their hometown or background and Mndsgn is one of those artists who does it so well. I get these really dreamy jazzy LA vibes when I listen to this album. Hopefully I’ll get to travel there soon!

One for Brotha Misho – Turbulence

At heart Im a huge lover of broken beat or bruk music and in an ideal world it’s the music I’d be making day and night. This record recently dropped on the legendary coop records and it definitely does some things to me. The chord progression is super juicy and I love the production of the drums. Those scats are off chops too…


Red Room – Hiatus Kaiyote

This is a deep, deep feeler. It’s simply stunning and quintessentially Hiatus. As a bassist myself that progression on the bass is like nothing I’ve ever heard. Nai Palm’s beautiful melodies intertwine in between those bass notes laced together with that nostalgic upright piano sound and it comes together to create this fluttering breezy jam beautifully.


Bad Habit – The Buoys

Easily the best band in Sydney if not Australia right now and this song perfectly backs that point up. Growing up I exclusively listened to indie and garage-rock bands, but as time’s gone on I’ve moved away from that sound. This banger has thrown me right back into that era and I absolutely love it. I’m a huge Buoys fan and they absolutely deserve every bit of success they get!


Have a listen to ‘Do 2 Me’ by WEST. out everywhere now!

Written by Alice Powell