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Take 5 With Wicked Envy

Just last week, Sydney based Heavy Rockers Wicked Envy released their devilish new single and music video, Paralysis Demon, which was premiered exclusively by us! Today we caught up with bass player Jakub Kyral to find out who their favourite artists of the minute are and why!

Bullet For My Valentine – ‘Skin’

I am a huge Bullet fan and it was hard to pick a song that stood out, but I know everytime Skin comes on, I know I’m in for a treat. The intro solo builds up the hype and it’s not a simple solo, no, it’s a face melting shred solo. The lyrics and vocal approach the band has used for the song brings the emotion of the song, but the more I go into it the harder it is to summarize the song cause it’s that good… I sing and scream to it on my way to band rehearsal all the time and when I train I have the momentum to train harder. You can watch this song live and you can see the crowd and band really coming together and head banging, moshing and singing along.

Avenged Sevenfold – ‘We Love You’

Now, when the Stage album came out, I was 50/50 on it cause it did feel like the guys in Sevenfold were losing their touch. There was a lot of talk about their latest album ‘Life Is But A Dream…’ over the years and when they release the first single… I didn’t like it… until ‘We Love You’ came out. Now this song has the old school A7X vibe to it whilst the band still takes the risk of trying someone new. Cheesy lyrics yes, but listen to the instruments and that Jazz solo at the end… like come on you can’t hate this song and it showed us as fans that the band is still willing to take the risk and try something new and not care what anyone says. I really want to see this song live in person to enjoy and sing along to.

The Last Martyr – ‘Sugar’

When I first met Monica, had no clue she was in a band but once I started listening to her bands songs I knew it’ll be hard to pick a song. The reason I chose ‘Sugar’ is when you see the tracks artwork, you’ll think it’s some pop like song, the intro section is very poppy, but dude… like dude, when the band comes in with Monica’s scream the eyes are screaming and you are hooked. The way the band has brought back Nu-Metal is a testament of what Australia can bring to the world and these guys need to be the at the front of Australian Nu-Metal… biased? Maybe, but you have a listen and tell me otherwise, go on… click the link and tell me otherwise.

Lorna Shore – ‘Sun//Eater’

Okay, hear me out… actually there’s nothing really to try and defend, this song and band are leading Deathcore back from being endangered and forgotten. Will Ramos, the front man, is… not… human, the vocal sounds he makes even hurts my throat but he does it like there is a living boar inside of him. But that’s not the only thing about this song that’s mind blowing. The use of a orchestra and choir at the beginning builds up the hype of the song, and once the band comes in your face is literally melting… I’m listening to it on repeat as we speak cause it’s that awesome and I could go to sleep listening to the beautiful instruments of this song… and Wills screaming of course, they should come with a warning label when you listen for their songs “Don’t Attempt the Vocals”

The Cranberries – ‘Zombie’

Now this is a change of pace, there are many covers and variations of this song but the OG is always my go to. If you know the background of the song, you know it’s about the killing of children caught in the crossfire between the IRA and British fighting. In Dolores voice, you can hear the pain and tears of the mothers who have lost their children. The instruments with their grunge song really replicates the quiet atmosphere before the chorus comes in with the loud upset feeling. This song is proof that music can change the world and get the message of the people across. Like I said before, many people have covered this song to make it like their own, but The Cranberries perfected the song and it is still my go to.


Wicked Envy’s latest single, Paralysis Demon is available now, everywhere.



11th August – The Duke Of Enmore, Sydney, NSW W/ Krave + Svlem
Free Entry | 18+ Only

Written by Chris Lamaro