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Take 5 With Will Conn

Sydney based Pop artist Will Conn has just released his stunning debut single ‘Far Apart’, which we had the joy of premiering, today we threw Will the aux cord so he can share five of his favourite tunes.

 Call on me (feat. Ed Sheeran) by Vianney

Because a majority of this song is in French and I love song lyrics, I was genuinely shocked by how much I enjoyed it when I first heard it. I haven’t heard a song with a melody like that in a long time, and it is crazy unique! In fact, it’s my favourite song to have come out in the past month or so! There may be some bias in my first pick however because I think Ed Sheeran is a freak and am a huge fan of his.

Backstage passes (feat. Jack Harlow) by EST Gee

I’m surprised in myself by how much I am enjoying good rap at the moment and this song is at the top of my list. In this song, both rappers discuss their ascent from relative obscurity to superstardom. The initial lack of support they received, how that all changed, and how now the same individuals will do anything to get “backstage passes” to their shows. This song features back-and-forth lines by EST Gee and Jack Harlow, which, in my opinion, sets it apart from the majority of contemporary rap that comes out nowadays.


Charlie be quiet! By Charlie Puth

In my opinion, Charlie Puth is now dominating the music industry as a producer, composer, and singer, and this is yet another perfect example. His music is very unique from other music, which is why I enjoy it so much. In this song, he essentially whispers the lyrics “Charlie be quiet” while supporting his voice with a plucked electric guitar, building the song and making his voice louder as the lyrics grow more tense. It may seem simple, but he is the only artist to do this, which is why I think he is so popular at the moment.


japan by Mitch James

I only heard this song this morning, and couldn’t not include it in my top 5 at the moment. I appreciate how James incorporates lyrics like “instagram” into the song because it speaks to the hundreds of millions of Instagram users around the world, I think the songwriting is really inventive. When you can connect music to other people, it has a stronger emotional impact. The tune perfectly complements the lyrics.


Kiss Me – Guitar by Dermot Kennedy

Another one I heard this morning and couldn’t not add. I love the lyrics and melodies in Dermot Kennedy’s songs, and this one is no exception. I am a stickler for good lyrics, which is why I appreciate artists like Dermot Kennedy. My favourite line from this song is “Let this night invade my lungs, you’re all I want to breathe.” This song is really emotional, and I don’t think the original song portrays the passion as effectively as the guitar version does, which is my reasoning for why I like the guitar version over the original.

Will Conn’s new single, Far Apart is available now, everywhere.


Written by John Zebra