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PREMIERE: Tall Pines Get Creepy With “The Day Is Gone” Video Clip

Tall Pines

Grunge pop trio Tall Pines unleashed their dreamy track The Day Is Gone earlier this month, and only three weeks later they’re back on our radar with a trippy visual treatment for the track. The fresh release sees punk, grunge, shoegaze, and sludge somehow playing nicely together while the video captures a group of ghosts doing the same.

Packed full of gauzy, pitch-bending guitar and lazy rhythms, The Day Is Gone rings with Sonic Youth influence. Thrashing guitars take the chorus into punk territory, forming a steady base for Kelly Hanlon’s gritty vocals, leading into a glorious harmony-drenched finish.

Directed by Luis Sanchez and Jason Cahill, the video clip needs to work hard to balance the track’s angst and heavy rock edge, and what better setting for all of that than a graveyard? The opening shots of a deserted graveyard and a few strangely creepy men dressed in sheets will have horror fans salivating. Everyone else will find themselves enthralled by the contrasting guts of the clip, which revolve around ghost hand games and rounds of tag, a flashback to every millennial’s early school days.

Brisbane fans can catch a live rendition of The Day Is Gone at Tall Pines’ next gig in September. Meanwhile, check out the video clip below!

Tall Pines Tour Dates 

Milk Factory, Brisbane

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Written by Jess Martyn