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TALLOU Reveals Enchanting New Single, ‘Marco Polo’

Toowoomba-based artist TALLOU has today revealed her dynamic new track, Marco Polo. The enchanting new single follows on from her previous successful release, I Promise I Love You and continues to highlight her knack for producing a unique sound that she is truly making her own.

As a testament to TALLOU’s unwavering dedication and boundless creativity, Marco Polo emerges as a resounding testament to her resilience and profound love for crafting poignant musical experiences. With deftness and artistry, TALLOU intertwines her personal narratives into a shimmering tapestry of sound, delving fearlessly into the intricate dynamics of relationships and the bittersweet moments of heartbreak they often entail. Marco Polo serves as a captivating voyage through the depths of human connection, where TALLOU’s lyrical prowess and emotive melodies captivate listeners, leaving an indelible impression long after the music fades.

“‘Marco Polo’ was inspired by a close friend and his constant journey of losing and finding himself through different relationships. We were at the gym one day debriefing about the latest heartbreak and he literally said “I feel like I’m playing Marco Polo with myself”. I thought it was great and immediately wrote it down in my notes app.” – TALLOU.

TALLOU joined forces with the gifted Beamish brothers, Jeremy (Jude York) and Ben (Sleepy Benjamin), in a transformative writing session. Seamlessly and organically, the song sprouted wings and blossomed under their collective genius. With Jeremy at the helm of production, his innate grasp of the song’s metamorphosis propelled it to new heights. His meticulous touch and deep intuition breathed life into every corner of the track, ultimately elevating it to a realm where its enchanting essence could truly soar.

TALLOU has certainly impressed us so far with this only being her second release, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this bright talent. Marco Polo is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro