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Tanya Goltz Talks Debut Single ‘Sketches’ and Forthcoming EP

Brisbane singer-songwriter Tanya Goltz is a name sure to be on the lips of many industry leaders in the near future. Tanya released her debut single ‘Sketches’ independently on 25 March to immediate praise, the first taste of her upcoming five-track EP Pieces of Me. Influenced by the likes of Jewel, Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow, the project was recorded at Red Engine Recording with award-winning producers Steve James and Andrew Cochrane.

‘Sketches’ is a contemporary pop-rock ballad with a country flair, showcasing Tanya’s sultry low register and airy falsettos. The song features clever arrangements and interesting concepts with delicate acoustic and electric guitar, soft keys and a blend of live drums and modern programming. Captivating vocals and elegant harmonies come together for a passionate performance with a chorus that stays with you long after the first listen.

We caught up with Tanya to chat about the new single and forthcoming EP.

What inspired ‘Sketches’? How did the song come together?

“I was actually fortunate enough to have ‘Sketches’ pitched to me in studio for inclusion on my upcoming EP. It was written by Nashville songwriters Skip Black, Lara Johnson and Mike Krompass, and immediately struck me. You know those songs that just stick with you? Well, this was one of them.  Originally the EP was set to feature only my original works but as my own writing genres are varied, I felt like I needed something else to complete the package and the minute I heard ‘Sketches’, I just knew that it was written for me.”

It blends pop, rock and country for a unique sound. Was this a natural progression for you?

“That is what really struck me about the track. I always found it so difficult to describe the sound of my own music, as it’s a blend of all of those genres. So, when I heard ‘Sketches’, it just complimented my own sound so perfectly. I performed country music from a young age but I always listened to rock and pop music, so when I started to write, I naturally blended those genres.”

It’s such a compelling and beautiful track. When did you know this would be your debut single?

“Oh thank you so much! It is a beautiful song and I feel so privileged to be able to release it. Choosing the debut single was difficult and I had many, many conversations with the producers of the EP, my close musician friends and my very patient husband, trying to decide what to release first. But at the end of the day, I really wanted a track that showcased that mix of genres. This way my audience can anticipate what’s to come and hopefully it will appeal to a mix of audiences.”

On the topic of pictures, do you have a favourite artwork?

“My favourite artwork is actually a personal piece. I have a sketch of a rose that my brother drew for me, he is an incredible artist but I haven’t seen him in over 20 years. While we haven’t had contact, I discovered recently that he is okay, well and living in Brisbane. But I have such fond memories of our childhood, so the piece means a lot to me.”

Can we expect any other treats from you in the year ahead?

“Yes, absolutely! ‘Sketches’ is part of a 5 track EP that I recorded at Red Engine Recording with legendary producers Steve James and Andrew Cochrane. I was incredibly blessed to record with Steve & Andrew, they just bought the songs to life and really put me at ease in the studio. I have definitely found my home when recording, they just understand what I want to achieve so perfectly.”

“The EP is a collection of lived experience and stories witnessed throughout my journey. I moved out of home at 15 and finished high school living independently. I studied at uni and became a social worker and worked in that career for about 12 years, before embarking on my full-time music career. So, it’s been tough at times, particularly changing direction, but so rewarding.”

“The EP has three self-penned tracks still yet to be released in addition to another song from some more incredible Nashville songwriters, which has a really bluesy undertone that I couldn’t resist! But I will be releasing the next single in a few months.”

‘Sketches’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

Written by Dylan Oxley